toshctl is a command-line tool to allow access to much of the Toshiba hardware interface developed by Jonathan Buzzard and Linux toshset by Charles D. Schwieters.

It can do things like set the LCD brightness, set CPU speed and set fan speed.

I wrote this program for my own use and it has been tested only on my Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100. Use it with your own risk :).
I make this program work like sysctl, so if you know how to use sysctl, then you should know how my program should be used.

This program is a subset of Charles D. Schwieters toshset program. I wrote this one instead of porting toshset becase I want to practise my C++ programming skill. Porting toshset program should not be hard becase toshset can work without Linux Toshiba support.

FreeBSD I/O access from Samuel Tardieu , no-apmbios.c
The toshset home page is
A link for Jonathan's tools is
If you want to know how I setup my Satellite Pro 6100,this is the link.

Supported features

nametypeaccesspossible valuenote
hci.cpu_speedintegerRW 0 - slow
1 - high
hci.fanintegerRW 0 - off
1 - low
2 - high
hci.lcd.backlightintegerRW 0 - off
1 - on
beware set this value to 0, will turn off your screen. You will not see any thing you type on the console
hci.lcd.brightnessintegerRW 0-70 - dimmest , 7 - super bright
hci.power_sourceintegerRO 0 - baterry
1 - ac adapter
hci.software_suspendinteger RO0 - disabled
1 - enabled
This value is actually writable but it is better to suspend your notebook with apm -z in text mode
RO - Read only
RW - Read/Write
WO - Write only

The current version is 0.0.0p3.

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